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BagyesRUSH Delivery is a licensed domestic courier service provider in Ghana. We make delivery for our clients stress-free and timely. If you have items (Packages, Gifts, Documents, Food etc) for a client that needs to be picked up from one location and get it delivered to the client’s location within Accra, Tema Metropolis and in Ashanti Reg, BagyesRUSH will provide courier services for you in a professional manner at a moderate cost. We also provide DEDICATED services same day delivery for Corporate firms on a contract basis.

Legal Courier Delivery While many legal documents are delivered electronically these days, lawyers and courts still depend on BagyesRUSH Delivery Services to transport hard copies that must be placed in somebody's hand rather than in a recipient's email inbox. BagyesRUSH provides delivery service for lawyers, government offices, and courts throughout our delivery service area. Pickups and drop-offs are our business. Let us help you maintain your professional business with our delivery service. Call BagyesRUSH Delivery on 0303 972753 from MON-SAT 8:30am-6:00pm OR Send us a message on WhatsApp 0208667848. BagyesRUSH, Delivery at it's BEST!

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